Climbing the Alps Lac Blanc
Lac Blanc

Or "How to turn an easy track into a difficult one". Started from Geneva around noon. Till there picked up a 100 CHF fine for turning left where not allowed. Took a cablecar from La Paz till La Flegere. Decided that its no fun if we take second cable car from La Flegere till "Index", and took off straight up even everyone else took nice wide cleared road. Worth noticing: We were the only people dressed in jeans, no sticks, no boots, no nothing :-). Hours latter and not too far from the lake we are back on track. Fooling around the lake, watching people swim in it and had omellete. A lot of very cute wild goat babies. Than Sashas camera went dead... Since we were too late for the last cablecar back, next 3 hours we were descending some horible slopes, the worst one 800 m from La Flegere till la Paz. Concequences: burned backs and neck, wooden legs for next few days.

Next trip: Mont Blanc!