HC IO tests

To evaluate physics data analysis performance on all of the Tiers-of-ATLAS sites a set of tests is continuously submitted using GANGA. Here one may find results of the tests.

WAN IO tests

A set of xrootd federated ATLAS sites are continuously tested from multiple HC distributed jobs in order to measure and improve WAN performance in different data access patterns.

DPM IO tests

HC based tests are used to measure performance of DPM sites. These are DPM specific local access tests.

Persistent Data Model

Explore the data structure of officially produced ATLAS data and its changes in time.

MC event size

Results of the daily measurements of objects in different categories. Referent files are produced in RTT jobs.

IO Performance

Results of automatic IO performance tests of different ATLAS data formats. Tests are performed nightly in a fully controlled environment.

ATLAS computing performance

Explore resources (CPU/WALL time, disk space, memory) used by the ATLAS official production jobs at both Tier-0 and grid (ProdSys).

DPD validation

Results of nightly DPD validation. A few basic performance measurements are tracked in time.